The series investigates the changes in the world; physical and cultural and expresses issues of hyper urbanization, religious conflicts, and effects of environmental changes on our planet, our bodies and our mind. It also expresses the issues as pure, unadulterated forms of expression unlike mainstream media like TV news, newspapers, magazines and many digital platforms.It is a documentary of 'life today'; life observed and documented daily.The series is divided into two phases. The first phase consists of physical creation, using natural material, resin and found waste including plastic. The second phase is digital in nature where ideas are derived from the medium itself, borrowing symbols from digital technology to communicate the issues we face today on our planet. The subject matter is vast in nature and hence the series is an ever evolving project, like a personal diary of observation. Visually, the physical work has its presentation inspired from photography, like the zoomed in image making in photography. The idea of changes on earth are expressed as though viewed from outer space and through a camera lens. Some images appear closer than others.In replicating nature in a state of agony, I have created destruction. Creation of destruction based on memory of a picture, moving image or an actual moment that has frozen in my mind was like creating a "still documentary painting". The process involved has photography elements but with a huge difference, where the mind and memory has replaced the camera and lens. Then there is the stage of actual creation of a stage of destruction, which involves a reversal process of using fresh and clean materials to look decayed and decomposed as though fast tracking the process; similar to a form of film making where you use time lapse to show stages. The difference in my work is that time has stood still as we see the art in its finished destroyed stage. In the digital work, the process is more fluid in nature. Where one step leads to another, found images are manipulated within various drawing software's of digital technology. Worked on, then taken to another medium and re worked replicating our minds in the digital world. We are constantly changing from moment to moment as we surf the internet, work using technology daily, socialize by the means of technology, and even form and break relationships by the means of technology. This part of the series has evolved from Abducted series, which dealt mainly with social media.