Abducted- The performance

The performance is the artist's imagination of what her performance would be like in her mind. Looking at the props and the projected image of her art on the wall she takes her mind to endless possibilities of what could or could not happen. The audience is part of the process as they have expectations of a live performance and their own version of what might happen when looking at the space and the artist in it. The artist raises many questions through this performance, one of them, 'what is reality?' Is everything we see real? Is the image others see of us on social media real? Is the image we project of ourselves real? Is our body our only identity? Is there anything beyond that which might be real and makes our true identity?

Sacred soil performance

I will worship the dust under your feet. A performance at Morni hills ( Healing hills art space 2018)

Simultaneous killing performance

 Abducted series continues as another performance at Morni hills ( Healing hills art space in 2018).