Artist statement

I consistently pursue an expression of culminated thoughts at any given time that inspiration arises. Not short of sudden bursts of ideas that may or may not take form of a series of work that can expand, grow, and gather multiple meanings. I like to hide messages behind layers of paint and behind layers of shapes on my computer screen. Depending on the day, or night I could be revealing rather than hiding messages. 

In recent times, I have been interested in the role of social media in our society and its subtle and considerable influence in shaping the contents of our days and our projected image to the world. Symbols and icons have kept me pre occupied for the past year, not missing a chance to grasp its impact on me whenever I come across one, which you can imagine are so many in a humans normal day. Some, promoting a lifestyle, others claiming to be a better way of life, there are powerful messages in the seemingly simple compositions of shapes and colour. I borrow from these, add, and subtract meanings and shapes to create art that can talk about the culture of our world, as we know it today. 

Digital media has been a major influence and the medium a place of my expression. I have also reversed the process of viewing digital media symbols by cross-pollinating. By creating hybrid images on canvas, plywood and other physical materials, I have re rehabilitated the visual. Since my medium of communication is visual these hybrid, rehabilitated visuals have a purpose, to activate the viewers own intelligence in making choices.