I’m an artist based in New Zealand and inspired by symbols. I tend to use symbols of a culture from the past and the present (especially from social media) and in doing that, my attempt is to blur cultural boundaries. 


Address: 5 Buchanan Street, Devonport, Auckland, New Zealand 

Email: Phone: 0212364242 Website:


Solo show in Mumbai - Faces


Pop up solo show in Henderson, Auckland - "Joker series" 


Indian International Contemporary Art – Parampara, group show - "Joker series" 


The Museum Gallery, Mumbai - 'Mere sapno ka school' (The school of my dream) an art Film. 


The Small packages group show in Takapuna, Auckland – “Being Kiwi series” 


Bharat Bhawan, Bhopal - 'Mere sapno ka school’ the school of my dream) an art Film. 


Fundraising group show for Warkworth Welsford Hospice in Auckland. 


'How diversity works' group show at the ‘Artstation’ in Auckland – “The Mind series” 


Solo show at the Queenstown lakes district council – “After the earth shook series” 


Habitat centre, New Delhi, India – Group show 


The State Art Gallery, Hyderabad, India – Group show, “Canvas of India” 

Dec 2017 – Jan 2018

Solo show – “Abducted series” Depot Artspace, New Zealand



New digital art biennale- A pavilion of The Wrong


Vienna Showcase at Palais Schönborn, Vienna – Group show 


Fire arts centre of Chicago – Group show 


1st Italian Biennale of creativity at Verona, Palaexpo – Group show 


‘The power of perception’ by Creative Concept Inc New York – Group show 


‘Global Art Expose’ by Kalanirvana, Hyderabad – Group show 


"Shiv sangam" A performance on unity funded by Auckland council, Creative communities’ scheme. 

Residencies and Art camps 


Fellowship at Healing Hills Art Collective, Morni hills, Haryana, India


International Art Residency in Konya, Turkey. 


Ostraka International Art residency, Egypt. 


3rd Kiar in Bhubaneswar, India 


Press club of Odisha in Bhubaneswar, India



I.C.A Publishing New York - International Contemporary Artists volume six.


I.C.A Publishing New York - International Contemporary Artists volume seven. 


Art editor – Online magazine – Education Certificate in Applied film making, NZ Film Academy, Auckland 2011 Diploma of Creative Advertising Media Design School, Auckland 2003 Bachelor of Fine Arts Sir J.J Inst. of Applied Arts, Mumbai 1992 • Awarded 3rd year scholarship for securing first class • Excellence Award in graphic design and corporate identity

Upcoming projects

I will speak for myself

Is art a cultural dialogue? an exchange of ideas expressed by tools of culture, effecting participants in varying ways. Is it an artist's expression deriving from growth after processing the effects of biological systems like the individual, culture and environment, communicating new concepts, and planting seeds of 'new thinking' ? 

The project investigates art from the perspective of curators and critics writings, and presents its relevance in our current globalized society. It also expresses art as a pure, unadulterated form of expression of the artist's uniqueness of form and consciousness, having impact on society. In dealing with the dual nature of art it is a series of short video clips of the artist, an Immigrant with an adapted and accepted form of speech, reading from the writings of curators and critics.

Mainstream media like TV news, newspapers, magazines is dominated by the old reading methods, promoting the European accent and dialect giving a false projection of the cultural dynamics of the country, further making new immigrants feel as outsiders. Projects like these bring to surface these not talked about issues.

We are heading towards a mass mixed race with various seeds of culture and tradition intermingled to create a new cultural society. This would have an impact on current diversity of culture and give rise to innumerable new spoken speeches, each unique in its complexity. 

My Blog

As an artist I am constantly experimenting with ideas, some develop into series yet others are expressed as a one off visual. Through my blog I will share ideas as they take form, more like a 'work in progress' giving an intimate glimpse of the workings of my mind. 



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