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Is art a cultural dialogue? an exchange of ideas expressed by tools of culture, effecting participants in varying ways. Is it an artist's expression deriving from growth after processing the effects of biological systems like the individual, culture and environment, communicating new concepts, and planting seeds of 'new thinking' ? 

The project investigates art from the perspective of curators and critics writings, and presents its relevance in our current globalized society. It also expresses art as a pure, unadulterated form of expression of the artist's uniqueness of form and consciousness, having impact on society. In dealing with the dual nature of art it is a series of short video clips of the artist, an Immigrant with an adapted and accepted form of speech, reading from the writings of curators and critics.

Mainstream media like TV news, newspapers, magazines is dominated by the old reading methods, promoting the European accent and dialect giving a false projection of the cultural dynamics of the country, further making new immigrants feel as outsiders. Projects like these bring to surface these not talked about issues.

We are heading towards a mass mixed race with various seeds of culture and tradition intermingled to create a new cultural society. This would have an impact on current diversity of culture and give rise to innumerable new spoken speeches, each unique in its complexity. 



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